About Us

Why Robland Healthcare? 

People in the 21st century suffers from excessive stress and stiffness. In these days, it is hard to spend time in exercising and breathing fresh air due to busyness and people are forced to miss these elements.

Our Robland company has recognised these kind of problem and started to find solution. As a result, we have found out CHI energy (one of the traditional family medicine in Korea) can replace exercising and breathing fresh air and we have ended up to develop health products which produces CHI energy to improve modern medical science.

We are proud of all our health care products because they help alleviation and recovery. The products have greatly achieved in improving health toward people and our company have OEM production contracts with famous Health Care Product companies in Korea. This is the reason why we can produce health care product our own particular way.
ROBLAND company has a head office in Melbourne (Australia) and our production branch is in Seoul (Korea). All of the ROBLAND products have passed strict and difficult verification in all standards of Australia. These are called AS mark and it means that the products are satisfied with safety and effectiveness which also means it is confirmed that our product is superior.